The BethElders, a group of Beth El Temple members 55 years of age and older on the cutting edge of senescence declare the following:

  • To maintain our relationship for the good and welfare of the Beth El Temple as a self sustaining entity


  • To encourage the inherent sense and spark of humor that is indigenous to our common ancestry and tradition


We propose to explore any in-house (or out of house?) program of mutual interest and, when practical, coordinate tours and events with other temples sharing our quest for education, amusement and just plain fun (refreshments are mandatory).

We encourage intergenerational recognition through participation in temple religious and secular events. All our programs are open to the entire Beth El congregation.


Join for fun sake!


Richard Vallon, Chairperson, would be delighted to provide more information and can be contacted by email at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Upcoming Services

Fri, Apr 28 8:00pm

Sat, Apr 29 9:00am

Sat, Apr 29 10:00am

Sun, Apr 30 9:00am

Mon, May 1 7:30pm